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The old site is gone – any posts still of interest will be moved here over time @iphigenie: Web pioneer, physicist, ecommerce governance expert. Trickster, aims for greatness, questions received ideas, can never do what’s easy. Also wine merchant @alpinewines passionate about the alpine regions, heroic winemaking and “modest” varieties everywhere, hand crafted food and friendships – doing things […]

Hexagonal London

found on Strange Maps, http://strangemaps.wordpress.com/2009/10/18/417-as-it-might-have-been-hexagonal-london/ who found it in London as it Might Have Been Leighton, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, published a scheme to divide London in a number of hexagonals, specifically aimed at preventing overcharging by cab drivers. “John Leighton suggested that the old borough boundaries should be altered to conform […]


Definitions and manifestations of “hunger.” Ending food insecurity requires everyone to get involved. Governments, businesses, individuals and nonprofits—including food banks—all have important roles to play in creating solutions. Food banks serve as a bridge between the immediate needs of those who are hungry and food insecure today and longer-term solutions. For example, many food banks […]

Double Strands

double strands – Angie Werren – The Human Genre Project double strands if I put words on paper amitosis will begin constricting and breaking until mother becomes child child becomes stranger where were you when recognition slid backwards were you holding her hand were you reaching through brine pulling her to surface   pushing that first breath […]

Online Story Find: Murphy

This is a rather quirky story which really made me ponder and wonder, even though the context seems a bit artificial. It reminded me a little of several books which have a psychologically different protagonist, and the challenges of communication and understanding in such a setting, where the perpectives are so alien to each other. […]

Online Story Find: Stella Nova

One I liked better is shared online: Stella Nova, around Tycho Brahe and Keppler. Of course as a trained physicist with a huge soft spot for science, this is a great topic (incidentally a book has been written this year by a famous french writer which fictionalizes those same characters, I wonder if he read […]

That darned platonism

Something I have had long discussions about, with several close friends who tend to be on the other side of the argument. Seems the topic is warm again! are new mathematical truths discovered or invented? http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/31392/title/Still_debating_with_Plato If anyone cares I’m squarely on the invented side of the argument. I don’t buy the concept of absolute […]