Online Story Find: Stella Nova

One I liked better is shared online: Stella Nova, around Tycho Brahe and Keppler. Of course as a trained physicist with a huge soft spot for science, this is a great topic (incidentally a book has been written this year by a famous french writer which fictionalizes those same characters, I wonder if he read this one)

More about Elizabeth Bear: The official site, her fiction journal (contains stories and ideas) and her personal journal She’s also on librarything and frequents several fiction forums, And of course Shadow Unit, the online episodic fiction which I mentioned before and which deserves support, I think. I have several books by her on my TBR list, and she has a new book out in a few weeks (in the US, the UK says December) – the first few chapters are available for free online. It looks absolutely fascinating to me, exploring the end of the world from Norse mythology. Will have to get that. Amazon UK | Amazon US

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