Where this site once more tries to rise, like an arthritic zombie phoenix

To the occasional visitors still checking this place now and then – this is an old and tired site, but it is not dead. A lot of the content is old, though. It is the descendent of the original iphi.net which started in 1999, which itself was a reboot of imagisphere.com (1995-1999). It was mostly a site about keeping friends informed about activities and fun discoveries, sharing photography and natter on about games, software and books. I then dabbled with the idea of making it a more general blog, including more related to my more professional interests, as well as perhaps sharing more aroung hobbies, learning an resolutions – perhaps finding other kindred spirits and a support network )

Blog about all the things I know – tools and resources I found and take for granted, but which are often of far more interest than I would have imagined. Blog about the dog and walking and great food. Lots of ranting too, as I so well can do. And still more about games and books and computers, too.

So what happened?

1) I have been busy. Since my last update about “work” was in, what, 2002? you can imagine that indeed a lot has happened. I started an agency, grew it, then moved on. I was a CTO, an serious solution and technology architect, a coach, an agile consultant, an entrepreneur. I got too busy,worked too much, lost hobbies. Recoved a bit of a life, then lost both my parents. Worked a lot abroad too. Was not all that much in control of my time or my life. Could not find the time to tackle this site much… intention and guilt, yes, time and action… no

2) Adding all those types on this site will make for an inconsistent mash unless some clever reorganisation happens – tags at the very least. Of course there is no problem if I add as rarely as I have, but still, blogs are supposed to be focused… I’m not sure any of my 10 occasional readers wants to see all that extra stuff, and as for others, who knows?

3) The site is ugly and that is hardly motivating. It needs a redesign – but I have no will to find, adapt and cut/deploy another template. I should find someone who would take my current pages just as HTML/CSS, improve them, then give me the sources to chop/deploy. That I could imagine doing. So what now? Well I intend an nth attempt at catch up and revival of this.

Keep up traditions: * catching up at least to add the games I own and games (especially non AAA) I am watching, as was the tradition on this site * catch up with at least some book and film one liners to share the goodness * do the annual “software I live with” post * update “where to find me online” After that: * tales worth sharing from the past few years * photography and hikes * cage rattling and opinions especially around web/technology * sharing discoveries beyond just bookmarks * track learning, progress and resolutions It will be messy and random and who knows how much I’ll actually do…

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