Way back when

This site started as static pages in 1996, on the domain imagisphere.com (which was stolen when I changed providers).

The wayback machine has a few horrible archives of it.

The content lists a lot of topics which never were fleshed out, from women on the web to content about my involvement with teamOS/2 user groups, and its crowning glory was the list of all ISPs in Switzerland, by region, modestly called “The great provider list”. It looks horrible.

This was compiled as a result (or was it the cause, can’t remember) of a job trying to set up a hotline support service and selling it to ISPs in Switzerland, which had me call and visit all of the names on those lists. I had set up the knowledge base for the operators, the website, and I got quite a few of the ISPs on board when the company which was going to set up the telephone service itself decided it was too far out of its comfort zone.

A tough one on one’s first job and foray in entrepreneurship…

I kept the list and some of the knowledge base and put them on the web, and maintained them for 2 years. I had totally forgotten…

What have you forgotten about old sites you did? Check internet.archive.org, it might be fun! Embarrassing like baby pictures, but fun.

I guess some things never change, the number of things on which I think I am going to write always exceeds by a factor of 100 the number of things I ever get around to writing.

I have grumbles as the first topic,

Other things that never change, from the online profile:

I’m active in a zillion things (well,ok, half a zillion), I’ve got more ideas and interests than I can pursue (life’s tough !) and always end up in the organizing committee of everything I’m a part of. The interests and hobbies I have time to pursue include photography and painting, yet more computer stuff (programming, graphics and plain fun stuff such as games and exploring the web…), keeping up with good movies and good books, listening to music (jazz being my favorite), different crafts, volunteer activities…

As soon as I can find the time I will… learn pottery or sculpture, add a fourth language, learn to play the clarinet, develop a custom HTML editor, make new curtains…

I did make the curtains, that’s about it. I still haven’t learned a fourth language or an instrument, and had only 3 pottery days. They are all still on my list of things to do 12 years later. I cannot for the life of me figure out what made me think I should write an HTML editor…

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