Mid Core Manifesto

(old content) I often describe myself as an enthusiastic soft core gamer. Enthusiastic because I do like my games, follow what is happening, try games, think about what it is that makes me tick with games. Soft core because I will not invest the amount of time and dedication in any one game to get […]

Online Story Find: Tideline

It just occured to me that 2 weeks ago when I mentioned several stories available online from Elizabeth bear, that I forgot to mention the intriguing, Hugo Winning story Tideline. It is a strange story and I certainly didnt know where she was going with it. Strangely enough it has a similar setting to “Inappropriate […]

Way back when

This site started as static pages in 1996, on the domain imagisphere.com (which was stolen when I changed providers). The wayback machine has a few horrible archives of it. The content lists a lot of topics which never were fleshed out, from women on the web to content about my involvement with teamOS/2 user groups, […]

books that stayed with you

“Le Petit Prince“, A. de St. Exupery – Everyone should read it once a year I think 🙂 “The Wood Wife” Terry Windling – It’s not as widely acclaimed as the others on this short list but for some reason it worked for me “Little, Big“, J. Crowley – for some reason I just love […]