Read “The Internet of Garbage”

The tactics of Gamergate have overtaken our national political and cultural conversations. “I hope everyone with a true and sincere interest in improving our online communities reads The Internet of Garbage and contends with the scope of the problem Sarah lays out in its pages. We are making the entire text of The Internet of […]

Online Story Find: Tideline

It just occured to me that 2 weeks ago when I mentioned several stories available online from Elizabeth bear, that I forgot to mention the intriguing, Hugo Winning story Tideline. It is a strange story and I certainly didnt know where she was going with it. Strangely enough it has a similar setting to “Inappropriate […]

books that stayed with you

“Le Petit Prince“, A. de St. Exupery – Everyone should read it once a year I think 🙂 “The Wood Wife” Terry Windling – It’s not as widely acclaimed as the others on this short list but for some reason it worked for me “Little, Big“, J. Crowley – for some reason I just love […]

Double Strands

double strands – Angie Werren – The Human Genre Project double strands if I put words on paper amitosis will begin constricting and breaking until mother becomes child child becomes stranger where were you when recognition slid backwards were you holding her hand were you reaching through brine pulling her to surface   pushing that first breath […]

Online Story Find: Murphy

This is a rather quirky story which really made me ponder and wonder, even though the context seems a bit artificial. It reminded me a little of several books which have a psychologically different protagonist, and the challenges of communication and understanding in such a setting, where the perpectives are so alien to each other. […]

Online Story Find: Stella Nova

One I liked better is shared online: Stella Nova, around Tycho Brahe and Keppler. Of course as a trained physicist with a huge soft spot for science, this is a great topic (incidentally a book has been written this year by a famous french writer which fictionalizes those same characters, I wonder if he read […]